Tanzania, Usa River

Uraki School, Usa River, Tanzania

The Uraki School Project is the first project installed by Global Solace in Tanzania.  The school is in the small village of Usa River located not far from Mount Kilimanjaro in the northern part of the country.

The Usa River project is a solar powered school with lights and fans in each of its 11 school rooms, 3 offices, and a computer lab with 12 computers.  The LED lights, fans, and computers are powered by the 3 kW solar array with thirty First Solar thin film solar modules mounted on a ground mount and a large battery bank.  The batteries and other electronics associated with the PV system are contained in a GSI designed “power center” structure which also contains the computer network server, routers, and internet access.

Status: The solar electric system was installed in October, 2015.  GSI is partnering with several other educational institutions in this effort to select relevant software to go along with the Tanzanian national school curriculum.

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