Solar Powered Schools and Health Clinics in the Developing World

Global Solace Inc. (GSI) is a Maryland USA based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the mission to bring reliable and renewable sources of energy to the schools and health clinics of some two billion people living in energy poverty in the developing world.  Established in 2009, GSI aims to improve the lives of individuals and communities through the implementation of sustainable renewable energy systems plus internet connected computer networks, thereby increasing access to education, health, and social services.

In December 2017, GSI partnered with a community group from University Park, MD, Solar Power for Puerto Rico (SPPR), and visited Puerto Rico to identify several solar electric projects to be constructed in early 2018.  The Ceiba Community Center and Yabucoa Elder Care Home projects are complete.  The Yabucoa Library/Town Office and Playground Refugee Center solar arrays  were installed in February of 2020.

GSI has completed a project with the US Department of State to design solar PV systems with battery storage for four US embassies in the Pacific at Palau, Samoa, Marshall Islands and Micronesia. In addition, GSI has provided on-site assistance to the University of Maryland “Engineers Without Borders” group with two installations in Ghana.

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What We Do: GSI works closely with identified communities to install renewable energy systems and computer networks in schools, medical buildings, community centers, and more.

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Donate: You may make a tax deductible gift to a specific project, product development effort, or place a donation in another person’s name. No donation is too small to help the effort.


Volunteer: We need educators and health care workers to help computerize our schools and health clinics as well as volunteers in other business areas such as construction, development, engineering, and IT.


Consulting: GSI responds to Requests for Proposals from governments, companies, and non-governmental organizations for the design and/or implementation of solar renewable energy systems.