Residential/Small Business

Many residences and small businesses in the developing world do not have a reliable electrical grid or 24-7 access to electricity without using a noisy and expensive fossil fuel generator.  GSI solves the problem by installing a solar powered energy generation system with battery backup.  The system integrates with an existing power grid and generators and seamlessly starts up when the grid goes down. In the unlikely event that there are several sunless days, your generator may be used to recharge the batteries.

Solar energy systems are reliable, have no moving parts, are typically warranted for up to 25 years, and work effectively in the hot, humid, and sometimes dusty climate found in the developing world.  GSI provides the highest quality systems by combining the design services of the US Department of Energy, installation quality of the US electrical codes, and product quality using German engineered electronics and the best Tier 1 solar modules.

The system for a residence consists of a pole mounted solar panel, battery, controller, LED lights, cell phone charger, and small inverter for AC powered appliances.

Download a Residential/Small Business PDF document.

  • Small Shopping Malls
  • Government Offices
  • Workshops
  • Rural Village electrification
  • Hotels
  • Mosque or Church
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Irrigation
  • Desalinization plants

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