Where We Work

Current Projects

In December 2017, we visited Puerto Rico and identified several solar electric projects to be constructed in early 2018.  These sites have not had grid power for several months and are not expected to have it restored for up to a year.  These include the following municipality projects: Ceiba-Community and Aid Distribution Center, Yabucoa-Elementary School, Yabucoa-Library/Refuge/Distribution Center, and Yabucoa-Elder Care Home.

Global Solace is partnering with organizations to provide solar arrays in several countries, including  Haiti, Tanzania, South Africa, Kenya, Honduras, Ghana, and Senegal.

These countries all have need for electricity in the rural areas where the power grid is non-existent.  The installations with the greatest impact on the daily lives of the people are schools and health clinics.  GSI is working with various NGOs and foundation partners on the projects.

Please suggest a Project to us as we are looking for new partners and projects. Either send us an email at info@globalsolace.org or enter your data into the Suggest a Project or Partner data entry form and GSI will contact you.

Future Projects

Kenya: GSI is raising funds in order to partner with the Canadian non-profit “Free the Children” to install solar power on a Girls Secondary school that they built in the Narok South District of the country.

Zambrano, Honduras:  GSI is raising funds to create a mini-grid powered by solar energy for The Leadership Center.  The Leadership Center is a small university for impoverished women located near Zambrano, Honduras. The goal of the university is to share the love of God by developing and inspiring Hondurans to be ethical leaders in their country.


Every effort will be made to include our volunteers on overseas trips.  To see where you could be going, please view the following pictures by country:  Haiti, Tanzania, South Africa, and Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

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