Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Projects

In December 2017, Global Solace visited Puerto Rico and identified several solar electric projects to be constructed in 2018.  These sites have not had grid power for several months and are not expected to have it restored for up to a year.  Click on the following links to download a pdf document describing each project.

Ceiba: Community and Aid Distribution Center – solar array and batteries.  1,000 gallon cistern for daily water distribution. [Status: Project Completed]

Yabucoa: Elder Care Home – solar array and batteries for lights and medical devices. [Status: Project Completed]   Click for Project Photos

Yabucoa: Playground Office Building – solar array and batteries for emergency refugee center, FEMA offices. [Status: Project scheduled for winter of 2020]

Yabucoa: Library/Refuge/Distribution  Center – solar array and batteries for refuge center, library, and police sub-station. [Status: Project scheduled for winter of 2020]

Status:  GSI is currently raising funds for the other projects.  Your assistance is appreciated.



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