Richmond, South Africa

Refugee/Squatter Camp, Richmond South Africa

The Richmond Project will have Solar Home Systems (SHS) installed on the 5 squatter houses as seen in the pictures. The SHS consists of a 100 watt solar module, charge controller, battery, LED lights, two fans, and a cell phone charger.

The insides of these houses are covered with black soot from the continual use of kerosene lanterns and burning wood for cooking.  One of the homes was completely burned out when the inside wood caught fire.

Benefits:  The system will improve immensely the quality of family life.  There will be no more kerosene lanterns and the associated health and fire problems.  The children will be able to  read and study at night.

Status:  GSI is fund raising for the project and organizing a program to teach local energy vendors to market, install, and maintain these Solar Home Systems.


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