Get Involved


Global Solace is in need of volunteers for a variety of tasks, both short and long term, as there are many operational tasks to initiate, develop, and make sustainable.  We feel that recent retirees, who can commit to two days per week for a period of 6 months, will find GSI an ideal place to transition from full-time work to full time retirement.

There are several volunteer positions available through Global Solace, go to the Volunteer page for more details.

Please submit a cover letter and current resume to: info@globalsolace.org or visit the Contact Us page and enter your information.

Donate Money or In-Kind Equipment

The following numbers are monetary requirements for our next few projects.  GSI is able match any funds donated by individuals.  Click the following link to Donate.

  • Project funding for Haitian school and Tanzanian school installations ($30,000 each)
  • Project funding for Haitian Health Clinic installation ($20,000)
  • Funding for Operational Expenses for the first year to jump start the organization ($50,000)

Suggest A Project

Enter your information in the Suggest a Project or Partner form to discuss a project in which you or your organization is involved.


Global Solace is looking for partners to provide support to our mission especially in the area of education and health care.  We can provide energy and computing power but need help teaching the people how to support and use the equipment and how best to identify and take advantage of the opportunities available through the Internet.

For more information about program partnerships with GSI, please contact Kris Cates-Bristol, Director of Development at kris.catesbristol@globalsolace.org

Raise Awareness

Please become a “fan” of Global Solace on our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, and join our LinkedIn group to spread awareness of our organization and the issues we are addressing.  Feel free to be creative and share Global Solace with your friends, family and colleagues on Social Media.


Every effort will be made to include our volunteers on overseas trips.  To see where you could be going, please view the following pictures by country:  Haiti, Tanzania, South Africa, and Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

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