GSI is working to develop a “sustainable” non-profit organization, one which will be able to function long after the founding individuals have moved on.  This means that we will be developing policies and procedures for performing all of the functions necessary to perform our mission, which is improving the lives of people through providing renewable energy systems and internet based computer networks.  We suggest that you  look at the book “Joy At Work” by Dennis Baake for an introduction to our philosophy of shared responsibility and fulfilling work.  We subscribe to the concepts of the “Triple Bottom Line” and wish to make GSI the best possible place to work and volunteer.

Global Solace is looking for skilled professionals to assist with all phases of program implementation. We are particularly looking for retirees, service veterans, and/or interns who can commit to two days per week for a period of six months.  Depending on the success of our fundraising efforts, some of these positions may evolve in full time paying jobs.  The volunteer opportunity tasks are presented in more detail in the tabs at the bottom of this page.

Retired teachers and health care workers are a particular need as GSI needs to identify, translate, and implement open source computer software for our School and Health Clinic products.

There are opportunities both in the U.S. and in our overseas programs.  A typical length of stay overseas is two weeks for both the installation of our systems followed by two weeks for the trainers and software implementation people with a one week overlap.  The costs of volunteers, such as travel, food, and lodging are covered by Global Solace, and we hope that you will partake of tourist opportunities after the work is done.

It is the intent of GSI that volunteers will have the opportunity to work on the projects that they are supporting by visiting these other countries.  Take a look at the following country travelogs: Tanzania   Haiti   South Africa Mount Kilimanjaro.

For more information on volunteering with GSI, send an email to: info@globalsolace.org or fill in the Contact Us data entry form and submit.

GSI provides an opportunity for experienced Solar Installers from all over the US to participate in installations in remote areas around the globe. The PV system designs, tools and equipment are provided by GSI but skilled labor is needed to build the array racking structures, install the modules, wire up the inverters and batteries, and so forth. Electricians are needed too as in many cases the electrical appliances will have to be installed and existing installations upgraded.

GSI has a great need for teachers and other educators to work on matching internet/computer teaching resources to curricula in Haiti, Tanzania, and other Developing World countries. Translators are needed to convert internet material from English to other languages. Based in the Washington, DC area, GSI works with the embassy and the Ministry of Education of our host countries to determine curricula for each country. If none is available then we have the US Common Core as our basis.

The Kahn Academy internet platform is one of the primary tools for this development as it allows for its existing lesson material to be translated and for subtitles to be added. Kahn Academy has thousands of educational YouTube videos which need to be mapped to curriculum objectives. The One Laptop Per Child software will also be available on our computers with your assistance to implement and train.

GSI has a need for individuals experienced in using computerized Medical Information systems to help GSI select, learn and install medical application software, write tutorials and training materials, and train the system users at the sites. We have identified open source software such as “Patient View” for electronic medical records and SMS Text messaging to allow Community health Workers in the field to communicate patient visit information back to the patient database.

There is a need to select appropriate energy efficient health related electrical appliances for our remote clinics as most clinics are not capable of providing full services due to a lack of equipment. These appliances include FACS Counters for HIV, Blood Chemistry, Centrifuges, Microscopes, PIMA Blood Count, Operating Room Lights, Incubators, Ultrasound, Suction Pumps, Autoclave Sterilizers, Oxygen Concentrators, Anesthetic machines, and X-Ray units.

GSI needs Country Program Officers to develop and oversee our school and clinic operations within a particular country so that long term communication and cooperation can be established with the embassy, governments, end users, and other stakeholders.

GSI needs IT professionals experienced in LINUX/ UBUNTU to establish procedures for setting up network, creating users with age appropriate menu structures, loading application software, and interfacing to the peripheral devices like camera, speakers, projectors, and SMS Texting modems. We use low power networks and computers such as those from INVENEO.

GSI periodically needs the services of solar engineers with AUTOCAD experience and/or Sketchup, and with off-grid design programs such as HOMER from the US Department of Energy.

GSI has a need for development/fundraising professionals for grant writing, marketing material development, social media communication with BLOGS, and web site maintenance.

GSI has a need for experienced professionals to perform accounting, procurement specialists, logistics, and international shipping functions. We also need a personnel/volunteer recruitment coordinator.

GSI is maintaining a database of organizations which either provide services to health clinics and schools in the developing world or whom require these services for schools or clinics that they support. This partner organization recruitment person allows GSI to be a “social neuron”, that is, the communication link between those who need and those who provide in order to make things happen.

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