Rural Health Clinic System

Most rural health clinics in the developing world do not have access to electricity and the benefits of computer software with Internet access.  GSI solves that problem by installing solar powered computer networks with open-source clinical software developed by health care professionals.  GSI partners with supporting organizations to ensure a successful installation with appropriate training and long term support for a truly sustainable solution.

The solar electricity allows the clinic to operate at night with room and task lighting and cooling fans.  Maternity services can be provided at night inside and not by candlelight.  Vaccine refrigerators and laboratory instruments can now be used and the communications capability of the Internet allows local health care providers to “skype” with local specialists or doctors in the US when other opinions are required.

GSI is working with cell phones and the latest SMS text texting technology to will allow health care workers to visit patients in their homes and to capture and input patient information on their cell phones and to text it the central database.

Support for Electronic Medical Records is provided by the Patient View software.

We provide complete hardware and software solutions and can build one to suit your particular health clinic.  If you have a potential site and can raise the money for installation then we have a product ready to be installed.

Download the Rural Health Clinic System PDF document.

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