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Small Business:

Many businesses in the developing world do not have a reliable electrical grid or 24-7 access to electricity without using a noisy and expensive fossil fuel generator. GSI solves the problem by installing a small, single building or home solar powered energy generation system with battery backup. The system integrates with the power grid if it exists.  In the unlikely event that there are several sunless days,  your generator will seamlessly start up to recharge the batteries.

The solar electricity allows the business to have the comforts of 24 hour air conditioning, seven days per week without the expense of  generators and costly fossil fuels. In addition, the solar PV is quiet so that the noise of the generator is eliminated. Designed and built to the USA electrical codes and standards, the system is designed to last for its warranted life of 25 years using best engineered electronic components and Tier 1 solar modules.


GSI has packaged a small system for use in a residence or home.  The system has one solar module, a controller, battery, and several LED lights, a cell phone charger, and outlets for other electrical devices.  The system is Direct Current but a a small optional inverter is available if AC power is needed.

GSI is looking for local in-country partners to market, install, and maintain these Solar Home Systems (SHS) and can provide the necessary training and support for this new local business.  GSI hopes that the existing local energy suppliers who sell kerosene and propane will provide these services as we hope not to disrupt the local economy and put business people out of work.


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