Jack Reid

Jack Reid is the inspiration and driving force behind the efforts of St Mary’s Catholic Church in Barnesville, Maryland to twin with a parish in rural Carcasse, Haiti and to build a school for the children. The government school was damaged in a hurricane in 1990 leaving the children without a school.

Jack is currently working with the people of Carcasse to pipe water to the village from a mountain spring, building a parish house and community center for the Priest, and establishing a coffee co-operative to stimulate local business.

Education & Experience

  • 1977 to 1980 — University of South Carolina, BS Business Administration
  • 1981 to Present — President/ Owner Reid Landscaping, Inc
  • 1990 to Present — WTG Properties, Inc, Commercial property management and development
  • 1997 to Present — WTG Properties, Inc, Present Elected Chairman
  • 2008 to Present — St Mary’s Catholic Church, Barnesville, MD, Twinning Coordinator


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